The virtual lab

The training takes place in an identical digital version of a real IVF lab equipped with all the necessary devices.
Authentic 3-dimensional laboratory
Detailed IVF microscope on the table
Enlarged 3D microscope to learn its parts
External control monitor just like in a real lab
Control buttons to start the training
watch the video

the user interface

IVF Sim Pro gives you a life-like simulation environment dedicated to a thorough IVF training process.
Learning mode with hints, practice mode without them
Instant feedback on mistakes
Real microscope’s controller functions mirrored to keyboard and VR controller
Step by step procedure fully reflecting the real-life scenario
Any number of practice sessions
Unlimited eggs and sperms to practice on
Each practice session is different
Egg and sperm number, size, orientation, and movement are random for each session
Defect sperms (30) and eggs (15) included
Learn to move/rotate the sucking and biopsy needle
Instructions for each step
Wide range of useful feedbacks (alerts) when doing something wrong
Manipulators are operated with a VR controller or keyboard
Switching between rotation and movement as well as big and small movements for both needles
Easily accessible movement and suction control with
Clean dashboard for controller feedback
Full support from a licensed British Embryologist
Full access to a real IVF lab at The IVF Company's training centre in Dubai

the process

Each step of the real procedure is replicated and is to be performed correctly. Trainees can make mistakes and receive alerts. Random, non-standard scenarios and content are included.